We Have an “Old-School” Approach to Your Care

Reveal & Reclaim Wellness is the ONLY clinic in Florida that truly lives up to the name “Integrated”. We are the only clinic that combines the best of Eastern Medicine philosophies with the best of Western Medicine known as functional medicine. We ask the question, why is there a symptom or disease, instead of which pill to prescribe to cover it up. We act as medical detectives in getting to the root causes of why you are suffering and then partner with you to formulate a program for your body to heal. At Reveal & Reclaim Wellness we are always striving for the betterment of our patient’s health and wellbeing. We seek out new information regarding medicine through continuing education and strive to offer the best services available. An example of this is thermography. Thermography has proven to be an excellent tool for providing valuable information about one’s health. This technology allows the patient to see inflammation that they may not be able to feel or associate a symptom with. This gives the patient a huge head start on regaining their health. With this information, patients can begin to implement changes in their life that will have dramatic positive effects on their health.