Cortisol produced by the stress mechanism goes one step further in this video.  We previously looked at the role of the adrenals with respect to stress and how these tiny little glands located at the top of the Kidneys provide the response to stress in our body. Now, let’s look at the adrenal glands and how stress creates the diversion of this hormone from other parts of the body to assist when the adrenals run low.

Pregnenolone Diverts to Produce Cortisol

As the adrenals produce Cortisol continuously without a break, our resources begin to run out.  Because we have this innate survival mechanism, the body instinctively knows that it has to find more Cortisol in order to allow the body to deal with the continuous stress.  In this instance, Pregnenolone, a precursor to many reproductive hormones will be diverted to the production of cortisol.  This is referred to as Pregnenolone Steal.

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