Functional Medicine- The “Medicine of the Future”, Whose Roots are Thousands of Years Old

“The doctor of the future will give little medicine but will interest his patients in care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
-Thomas A. Edison

“Functional medicine could be characterized, therefore, as upstream medicine or back-to-basics, back to the patient’s life story, back to the processes wherein disease originates, and definitely back to the desire of healthcare practitioners to make people well, not just manage symptoms. ”
-Edward Leyton, MD, 2005

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease. This common sense approach seeks to understand the origins of symptoms so that meaningful treatment and then preventative methods can be developed and implemented. Using a root cause system-orientated approach, a therapeutic partnership is forged between patient and practitioner. The goal of this partnership is to bring the patient back to health as well as to teach the patient about the core principles of health maintenance as well as the mechanisms of illness and disease. The current approach of “Crisis Medicine” in America, that of drugs and surgery puts the patient in the role of victim.

Information that is solidly rooted in the past. Functional Medicine asks the question, “Why?” instead of “Which?”

Functional Medicine

Why is my patient suffering or why do they have these symptoms or this disease pattern. Why are they not healing?

Current Western Medicine

Which pill do I give this patient for symptom XYZ or disease ABC?

Functional Medicine Empowers the Patient

Our Functional Medicine philosophy recognizes that each patient is a unique individual with a unique biochemistry, genetic profile, and emotional foundation. Therefore, two people could have the same common condition but with a completely different set of causes. To that end, the approach of functional medicine relies less on drugs and more on a thorough investigation of the individual patient. At Reveal & Reclaim Wellness we spend a great deal of time with our patients, listening to their histories and looking at interactions of environment and lifestyle factors on their genetic make-up. Thru this process we support the unique health and vitality of each individual patient and are able to then uncover the root cause of their suffering.

What Functional Medicine Can Do For You

Functional Medicine uses natural therapies and investigative approaches to restore the body to health. It looks at all things that affect our health; environment, emotions, toxins, nutrition, past ailments, trauma, experiences, digestion, metabolism, hormones and even our belief system. The result of this information coming together allows the practitioner to chart a course of action that initiates changes of one’s physiological and metabolic imbalances using natural therapies and fundamental approaches to restore harmony to the body.

Using Emerging Research and Effective Interventions, Functional Medicine Treats Illness and Promotes Wellness

The goal of Functional Medicine is to support the body in its own healing processes. The way we achieve this is by understanding a person’s individual genetics, environment, and physiology. A great deal of time will be spent with each patient to understand their personal situation and formulate a plan specific to them. Disease is nothing more than a manifestation of symptoms left unchecked. Symptoms are the body’s outcry resulting from imbalances in the body. Imbalances occur over time because of choices that we make throughout life. Just as there is a path to disease, there is also a path to health and it involves retracing the steps of the disease pattern to find the root cause. Reveal & Reclaim Wellness is dedicated to uncovering the source of your symptoms rather than succumbing to drug therapy.

Functional Medicine is “Old School” Medicine…

Clients come to us because we care and they want answers. We give you the answers that you are seeking. We educate our patients on their health. We want you to understand how you got to where you are and then what you can do about it to turn it around. Diseases do not just happen overnight. Long-term imbalances, left untreated, become chronic diseases; often times created from poor nutrition, lifestyle and emotional habits, which ultimately diminish the quality of your life. Drug therapies commonly used to treat diseases become long-term band-aid approaches that eventually lead to other disease mechanisms and other drug therapies, creating an endless loop of sickness without addressing the root cause of imbalance.

“Old School Medicine”, is the “Medicine of the Future“

What You Can Expect

Your visit will involve an in depth look into your health history and lifestyle. We want to make sure that we have a firm understanding of you as an individual. Depending on your circumstances, your plan could be as simple as starting you on the path of understanding what your body needs for proper nutrition and exercise. We may also uncover the need for laboratory testing to look deeper into your physiology. Understanding your unique physiological fingerprint is necessary to developing a tailor made program just for you and what your body needs.

Who is a Candidate for Functional Medicine?

Anyone looking for a better way to deal with symptoms and disease will be well suited for our functional medicine program. We treat all ages. Even children can benefit from functional medicine. By keeping their immune system strong, they will be able to fight off pathogens that they come in contact with through other children.

If you want to heal, you can. All you have to do is make a choice. Choose Reveal & Reclaim Wellness in Sarasota and break the cycle of suffering.

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