Medi-Cupping at Reveal & Reclaim Wellness in Sarasota

What Is Medi-Cupping®

Medi-Cupping®, also known as Medical Massage Cupping and Vacuum Therapy, now offered at Reveal & Reclaim Wellness in Sarasota, is relatively new to the massage therapy world but has been apart of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Cupping has also been linked to ancient Ayurveda in India and the early Egyptian civilizations. The cupping of past was not termed Medi-cupping it was just “cupping”. The cupping known today as Medi-Cupping®, is simply a new-age spin on an old tradition.

Cupping and Chinese Medicine

The cupping utilized in Chinese medicine is typically referred to as fire cupping. The name is derived from the fact that suction is produced by inserting a flame into the glass cup and quickly removing it before applying it to the skin. The heat inside of the cup produces suction by the elimination of oxygen. Whether you use an electric pump, a hand held pump or you insert a flame into the cup, the end result is the same, suction.

Cupping whether it be Medi-Cupping or fire cupping can be used for many different ailments. The most common application if for pain syndromes but internal dysfunction can also benefit immensely from cupping.
The suction produced by the cups can be intense reaching deep into the soft tissue, separating fascia and increasing circulation. If it is more of a superficial treatment, we are working at pulling inflammation and toxins to the surface and stimulating the skin and lymphatic system to release. Scar tissue is often resolved through cupping regardless of how old the trauma.

Some areas that respond well to cupping are:

Chronic pain and inflammation
Scar tissue and facial wrinkles
Circulation and Lymph Congestion
Deficient Range of Motion
Any area of stagnation that is causing internal dysfunction

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