Dr. Michele’s Article on Alternatives for Better Breast Health is published in Regenerate Magazine, October 3, 2016

By Dr. Michele Louiselle

Breast cancer is on the rise. But why? Weren’t we told that early detection with mammography would lead to reduction in breast cancer and a better chance of survival? Is it a coincidence that with the onset
of mammography, breast cancer incidences have risen?

As a practitioner, I’ve done my homework, and if there is only one take away from this article, it would be that I encourage all women to do the same. After all, it is your body — do your homework and make the informed decision that works for you. In the article below, I present my view of mammograms and thermograms so that you can have this information at your disposal. … Read the Article by clicking on URL provided. Also, for more information on Dr. Michele’s expertise on Breast Health listen to the Interview below.

Dr. Michele on VoiceAmerica, April 26, 2016, Generation Regeneration

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Straight Talk about Mammograms and Thermograms featured Dr. Michele Louiselle, Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Thermographer, and owner of The Center of Integrated Medicine located in the Lakewood Ranch, FL. Dr. Michele explained the differences between mammograms and thermograms and provided insights as to why she believes that thermograms are the better technique for pre-cancer screening. Dr. Michele also pointed out the very real problems with mammograms that are not typically covered in the mainstream press. Lifestyle choices were also discussed because they provide the best chance of avoiding breast cancer. To hear the interview be sure to click HERE above.